A Guide to Digital Construction Progress Monitoring

Technologies to simplify Construction Management in 2021

Construction Progress Monitoring is a well-defined time-tested construction review process that has got the job done since the industrial revolution. However, as more and more construction businesses take a special interest in using digital technology for construction monitoring, it would be worth taking a look at why it makes sense to evaluate a solution. 

With the advent of technology-powered intervention, the construction management and monitoring processes are ready for the leap. A leap that helps businesses access construction information effortlessly, communicate better with teams, and deliver quality construction work with fewer mistakes. This study discusses how technology intervention makes a difference in construction businesses in a practical and actionable manner. Learn how:

  • Drones, 360-degree cameras, and other IoT devices are making a difference in capturing construction progress
  • Artificial intelligence is finding application in construction progress monitoring
  • Digital Twin is proving to be a game-changer for improving construction quality while keeping cost and delivery time under control